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Rihanna Arrives in Balenciaga Leather Peep-Toe Sandals

Balenciaga Leather Pee-Toe Sandals

Arriving back in Barbados last week, Rihanna looked her usual stylish self in a black tee, print pants, Prada Eyelet Saffiano tote, and wore the Balenciaga Leather Peep-Toe sandals. These sandals are from the current season’s collection and are easy black shoes to toss on and go. Rihanna shows how easily these sandals work with her ensemble and they are also easy to travel with, as she can wear them with many different looks. The soft leather will be comfortable to wear, and Rihanna can spend the day in these designer shoes looking chic.

What to Wear

You will be able to wear these Balenciaga shoes any time of year to look stylish. If you like a more modern outfit like Rihanna’s then wear these sandals with this Bassike Mega Wide organic cotton t-shirt, Beyond the Valley Harem Style pants, and Prada Eyelet Saffiano tote.

Bassike Mega Wide organic cotton t-shirt Beyond the Valley Harem Style pants Prada Eyelet Saffiano tote

Shoe Details

  • Designer: Balenciaga
  • Name: Peep-Toe
  • Style: Sandals
  • Price: $705
  • Available at:

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