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Lanvin Ballerina Leather Flats – Basic Black Beauties

Lanvin Ballerina Leather Flats

These black Lanvin leather ballerina flats are a lovely addition to your wardrobe, as you will wear them season to season and year to year across a multitude of low-key ensembles. Recently, Victoria Beckham was seen wearing these black shoes with a mini dress and black satchel handbag while making her way through Heathrow Airport. Yes, even Victoria Beckham was seen in flats, which is essentially unheard of, as she is always so sensational in stilettos, though she really worked this look amazingly as she always does. There is an elastic trim to these Lanvin flats, which makes for ease in slip on and go. As well, there is a concealed one inch heel giving you a bit of additional height. Though, it’s the luxurious black leather of these flats that makes these Lanvin shoes so worth the investment, and their neutrality will truly remain a staple in your closet.

What to Wear

There are so many ways to pair such a fabulous pair of basic black shoes; from leggings to jeans and skirts to dresses. Though, we would love to see you wearing these Lanvin ballerina flats out for a day of walking around town into galleries and then meeting friends for a late lunch in an ensemble such as this Jimmy Choo limited edition PEP printed tote handbag, Emilio Pucci beaded linen t-shirt, Oscar De La Renta metallic-weave cardigan, and Vince stretch leather leggings.

Jimmy Choo limited edition PEP printed tote handbag Emilio Pucci beaded linen t-shirt Oscar De La Renta metallic-weave cardigan Vince stretch leather leggings

Shoe Details

  • Designer: Lanvin
  • Name: Leather Ballerina
  • Style: Flats
  • Price: $500
  • Available at: